Do Y’all believe in karma?

Hi guys!!
It’s Saturday morning and I had a moment to send you guys some love. 
It’s the weekend and what are you guys up to? Anything interesting?
Can you believe the president has Covid?


What is the plan…
Is it a Lie?
Anyways, I went for an awesome run this morning. I love to run as you know. I was thinking about Karma. I have a buddy that does not believe in Karma. He cheated on his wife. And now she is cheating on him. Is that Karma?
I remember the time I had a friend and I Watched him be rude to me on the phone as I was on my way to his house. And then when I saw him in person he was telling me how he cursed at some gardeners and called them Mexicans. And then within the same hour I watched a truck run right into him while he was on his bike. He flew upside down and skidded like 30 feet across the pavement coming to a violent stop.


I saw everything with my own eyes right in front of me. Let me ask you, is that Karma? We are no longer friends of course.
I think because I witnessed the collision I somehow used my energy to interfere with the hit. Somehow? I still think about it and it was six years ago..
In the next two days after I saw it I was drained of energies. I believed my energy leapt out of me and projected to him. To save his life. Could this be some kind of Cosmic energy? I believe in things like this! Being in a place where something catastrophic is going to happen but your energy being the LIGHT. Changes the Outcome.
Something to Ponder.
I love you guys!
Be careful of your words and actions.
Unless you have to stand up for yourselves.
Then it’s completely fine to lose your mind on people.
How else are we to show them we take no bullshit. We mean what we say!!!
It’s your Crown and it’s your Castle!
Run that shit!!!
Protect your Funking ENERGIES!!
Love Each Other!!
Wear your mask!!!!
Justin Orenthal Goff