I am sitting here on this Sunday Morning after an awesome four mile run listening to Gospel. The choir sings about gratitude. I can not explain how grateful I am to be alive and healthy. So in short I sit in deep gratitude. I have been thinking about moving out of the mountains and down to the beach. I miss the ocean and the energy. What am I to do?


I have music on my mind lately. I have been secretly writing and recording all these different songs. I may sign a record deal next year. I think it could be time to take everything to the next level. I am ready now. I believe you get things when you are ready. And because what I am asking for in Prayer I have to be really responsible for everything that comes with it. It’s strange because in the past year I have changed so much. I can’t really explain the change but I feel it. The act of growing up, again.


I saw a Golden Eagle on the Golf Course two mornings ago. The wingspan was huge. Of course I looked up the meanings. New Beginnings!! I have been getting these signs for a while now. A weird thing happened two days ago when I noticed a bird at the end of the driveway. It seemed injured. I went down to assist it. As soon as I got down to it I said out loud ‘I don’t even know what to do with you’. At the same I noticed the car that was driving by had turned around and pulled up on me and the bird. The window crept down and a little dark haired girl said to me ‘Do you know what you’re going to do with it’? I laughed and said “I just said the same thing’. Long story short her name turned out to be Emma and she rescued the little love bird. Picked it up with her hands and wrapped it in a towel and held it like a mom. It was amazing… GOD IS GOOD!


So I was just thinking about things to be grateful for.


I am grateful for all of you.


It’s nice to have ya’ll to share with.


I love you guys!!!


What are you grateful for today?


Wear your Mask!!!




Justin Orenthal Goff