welcome to the inside

What is up guys? Thank you to all my new followers. Welcome!


I can’t really explain why it took me so long to blog? I wanted to start connecting with you guys more especially because times are just changing and so am I.


I have been working on some other projects that have been consuming my time. So sorry I have not been posting that much. How are you guys hanging in there? This whole quarantine and mask episode is really scary huh? I am so used to smiling at people that it feels weird to find my self smiling at people behind a mask. It reminds me of when I use to play the character PLUTO for Disney. But the smiles were different then. Now in some way, it’s how we connect with eyes. Some people are so uncomfortable with eye contact. I practice smiling with my eyes. I see kind eyes, eyes that are embarrassed by their very own presence. UGH! My big eyes see it all. I am guilty of seeing way more than others. It’s like a gift to be able to see right through people. I love that God has given me the gift of sight. I look at everything. And being a Virgo nothing goes unnoticed with me.


I have been meditating more for sure. And chanting also. It keeps me calm because I can suffer anxiety attacks. It helps me to realize that I am only here for God. And what is supposed to happen is up to God. I can only show up for my life and be the best person I can possibly be. I focus more on staying grounded. Humbled by my life experience. I refuse to accept any kind of bullshit from anyone. I have recaptured and reclaimed my space. It feels awesome. I have had to drop two more people than I have known twenty years out of my life. It’s been that serious. I have waisted a lot of time on people that do not deserve me in their life. Perodttttt.


I will not settle anymore in what I want in my friends. I am a kind person. And often people have mistaken my kindness for weakness. They fail to realize after I tire of them and everything about them. I am forced to get rid of them for my own sanity. I will never subject myself to anyone or their behavior if it is not in harmony with my being. I would rather be alone. So another one bites the dust.


It has felt Lighter and I feel like I am lifting Higher. Ascending! Did you guys see the David Blaine Ascension show? He had to drop these weights to go higher. The whole time I kept thinking this is what I feel like when I decided that it’s a good time to release a person and their personal weight. I have my own weights the I have to deal with so why should I deal with someone else’s?


Well Anyway, It was amazing!!! Youtube it!! Ballons and that’s all I will say!! Flying is also a major key factor!! I love magic. Life is really magical in so many ways I am ofter in amazement still like a kid. I am really grateful to be healthy, Blessed, and highly favored and still alive on this wild planet. Stay spiritually connected you guys. Walk by faith.


I am back to running daily again. I am sooooo sore. Through my Birthday week. Oh, Thank you for the Birthday love!!!! I let myself eat cake and ice cream all week. So now I need to burn away the sugar while still constantly craving sugar! LOL! I stay fit because it makes me feel amazing!!!


I am recording a new song!!! We are shooting towards the Holiday for the release!! It has two special vocal appearances by the way. There are two versions! A guitar and vocals and then there is a major dance vocal. And I believe we are doing a video. It’s in the chats! SOMETHING MUSICAL FOR SURE! HOLD TIGHT…


What else??? Ohhhhh. A dead bird was on my sandals outside the front door. It was trippy. I looked it up and it said the end of a certain time period and the beginning of a new. I feel that energy for sure.


Otherwise, that’s it. This is our secret connection. There are some things I can not upload and say on Instagram. I can share some of everything here.


I am also aware that some people feel the need to be all up in my business even though they have no concern for my well being. You know how I feel about those people, don’t you?


Nothing…HaHaHa. So many people have hated on me my who life for reasons that have nothing to do with Justin Orenthal Goff. So now I just let them figure out that their bad energy is not going to stop God from using me.


The darkness will never overpower the LIGHT.