Skunk Radio Live Interview 

Q&A with Mister Goff the Master Phenom

Have You Had Any Formal Music Education?

I studied voice privately under Raz Kennedy in San Francisco. I also studied under Brenda Lee Yeager in Los Angeles.

What Music Equipment Do You Use in your home studio?

Right now I use my Mac computer and a Blue mic to record demos, but mostly I work with producers and the sounds are recorded in a studio.

What Famous Artists/Bands/Producers Do You Sound Like? What artist/band’s CDs one would likely find in the same category as yours in a record store when you make it big?

I mostly sound in the category of George Michael and Michael Jackson. I would be considered male pop.

What Type of Music Act Are You? Are you a solo artist or a band?

I’m a solo artist and a band.

What Music Services/Platforms Do You Currently Promote Your Music On?

My music is currently available on my website ( as well as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Instagram and all the major platforms.

Do You Perform Live? If so how many shows have you played during the last 12 months?

I do perform live. You can watch some of my shows here.  I haven’t played any shows over the last 12 months because of Covid. 

What Is Your Main Career Objective/Goal Right Now?

Right now my main goal is to work with more producers, release more records, play more gigs, and to get a manager.

Tell us a little about yourself please

Not only am I a recording artist, but I also own my own high end couture fashion company, DivaBitch Couture ( I like to workout and I’m also an avid runner. 



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