Slide Already!

Hello Guys!!! Whats up!! How is everyone? How are you guys holding on? I can not believe this is all still happening. I try not to process it all. What will be will be. I keep the focus on me and my growth and evolution. You can not help others if you can not help yourself. So I focus on myself.

I have started chanting twice again. Once in the morning and once at night before I Sleep. I like how it makes me feel going to bed. For some reason it makes me feel like I don’t take the energy of yesterday with me into my sleep and dreams into the morning energy. Then I wake, meditate, journal, chant and then workout. So my day has a double dose of positive spiritual energy as I head into the day. Not to mention the workout which is only good positive energy. As far as spiritual work I think of it as just energy work. Bringing in new energy and letting go of negative energy by doing spiritual work. We are spirits in the material world. Like keeping a clean inner house. As well as outside. I like the balance. If you can add just one spiritual thing to your morning it will change your life vibration and you will start to see changes in your life. Good changes of course.
Food I have noticed has a lot to do with my feelings. I have mostly stopped eating bread. Meat I go back and forth. I don’t like too much meat. So I move towards TOFU! HAHA! It’s just energy so I cook it like I am making a hamburger. I season that tofu like a chicken leg. It’s gone in ten minutes anyway. And I still feel light. As opposed to feeling like a sleepy lion. But I think my body feels stronger with a little red meat protein in the form of a little steak and fish. I was raised on meet. Not that much chicken. I had a wicked dream about dead chickens that happened after a Tsunami in a dream. Since then Chicken and I have lost vibes. But you may catch me eating just about anything. Depends on how hungry I am. Honesty. Like right now it’s ten A.M. I am eating one fried egg with oatmeal topped with cinnamon, banana’s, pears, blueberries and not toast! I have to stay away from the bread. A Lot of bread leads to a body that looks like a loaf of bread. It’s everyone’s personal preference right! I’m just vain. HAHAHA!
Nah I just like to feel good and look as good as I can so I can project the best me. I have not had surgeries. Only good facials and water! Think water keeps your skin glowing so I drink up!! Exercise!! Not to mention I have almost died from dehydration twice. So I love water and so should you!
So remember that David Blaine show I mentioned. I was so inspired I had to write and record a song about him. I have been writing this song for a month in my brain. Listening to the track on runs and singing the parts in my brain. And I finally birthed it. It sounds pretty amazing. Signature Mister Goff! Dance and Fun! It’s up beat good for a workout. I listened to it on a run this morning. I have been listening to alot of old New York House and Jazz Lately. I can not live without music. On Sunday I always have Gospel Sunday! Just like I was a kid with my Grandma. I like Tasha Cobbs lately. I like her songs and her big voice. I am quite in awe of God’s work. I feel extremely blessed. And deeply Grateful.
Well about to go you guys. But before I will share with you that yesterday I was on a morning run and coming up a steep hill I saw this colorful kids book in the cross section. I knew it had a message for me. I picked it up and brought it home and it reminded me of someone I know that is the kind of personality and spirit that always is about ‘LET’S GO!!’. He would be so proud of me out running hills early in the morning when I could be sleeping, He’s a movie star so all he knows is waking early to grind. And we all need this energy. We need to evolve and evolve. It’s not about having everything around you to evolve and choosing to be lazy and afraid to make something happen. It’s about pushing yourself. Having people around us that push us.
Believe it or not I found the second part of the book today. No lies!!! It was not there yesterday. I looked to see if I had all pages to be found. But today running up the same steep hill there it was. Part 2! Right in the same intersection. The missing part that I didn’t even know existed. Of course I picked it up. Car tire tracks and all.
A couple missing pages. And the ending is gone? But it finishes off at a place where you can feel and fill in the rest of YOUR OWN STORY!
I love you guys!
Ohh I pieced it together and read it out loud for you like I will read for my own son one day soon.
Try to learn something!
Stay safe and wear your mask. !!!!!!!
Justin Orenthal Goff